Handelson is a collection of 6 handmade typefaces with authentic and organic feel. It contains three scripts, one non-connected script and two all caps geometric sans serifs (Block letters). Textures and rough edges are emulating handwritten and printed looks. By combining these fonts you can make diverse typographic solutions and elements with unified style.

All the non-connected fonts; Handelson Two, Handelson Four, Handelson Five and Handelson Six has two sets of characters. By enabling Contextual Alternates from the OpenType panel you can make these letters to varie randomly to make your text look more like a real handwriting.

Released 2016
Weights & Styles 6
Language Coverage Extended Latin
Formats OpenType

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Single font
1-5 Users $29
6-10 Users $43
11 and above $64

Collection of 6 fonts
1-5 Users $149
6-10 Users $223
11 and above $334


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Handelson One
Test drive here. Start typing
Handelson Two
Quick brown fox
Handelson Three
jumps over the lazy dog
Handelson Four
Grumpy wizards make
Handelson Five
toxic brew for the evil Queen and Jack.
Handelson Five
heavy boXEs perform